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How to import Paper Straws Or Machines from China- Complete Guide

//How to import Paper Straws Or Machines from China- Complete Guide

How to import Paper Straws Or Machines from China- Complete Guide


Nowadays all the news media is posting plastic straws ban such as the guardian, business insider, VOX, BBC etc. why it is so hot to post plastic straws.
According to the Ocean Conservancy, more than 500,000,000 straws are used once and tossed every day in the United States. The group ranks plastic straws as the number five most commonly found items on beaches. “Plastic pollutes our ocean, it’s killing our marine life,” said Voelpel. “If we don’t act now, by 2050, there’s going to be more plastic in the ocean than fish.”

Therefore, Ocean countries are launching the plastic-ban law to protect the ocean and our earth. It ends up that many importers want to import paper straws from China to replace plastic straws, also some factory wants to import the paper straws making machines to produce in its local land.

Since paper straws are a high demand in the global market, most importers don’t familiar with the biodegradable straws or paper straws machines in a Chinese market. They will definitely encounter some challenges when it comes to importing paper straws from China.

Actually, importing paper straw making machines from China is not as complicated as portrayed above. This article will serve as a comprehensive guide by shedding light on how you can research paper straws market in China, select the right paper straws supplier for party supply store and also find the right stainless steel straws suppliers from China.

Some of such questions include:

  1. Where to Find Manufacturers and factory of paper machines from China
  2. How many machines to manufacture a complete paper straw.
  3. What safety certificate you need to ask your biodegradable straws supplier to provide
  4. How to find right stainless steel straws supplier from China

However, importing paper straws from China is not as complicated as portrayed above. This article will serve as a comprehensive guide by shedding light on how to import stainless steel straws from China.

1. Where to Find Manufacturers and factory of paper machines from China

Like other products manufactured in China, biodegradable paper straws or recyclable straws have their own places of origin. Irrespective of where you are in China or if you are searching for Chinese suppliers via online platforms, you need to pay attention to where suppliers are located. recyclable straws made in China are majorly produced in 3 places:

  1. Yiwu, Taizhou, Zhejiang Province
  2. Fujian Province
  3. Dongguan City, Guangdong Province

You can see above, The striped paper straws manufacturing center is around Zhengjiang Province. When you find paper straws bulk online, you could check paper straws in Zhengjiang, China.

2. How many machines to manufacture a complete paper straw

1) Straw Paper Strip Roll Slitting Rewinding Machine

The machine in this series is mainly suitable for straw paper.
1. The machine use center winding and the surface drum rewinding.
2. Web guide system, automatic tension control system with magnetic powder brake and clutch device
3. The machine with meter counter, automatic stop
4. Frequency Inverter control main motor
5. Optional: pneumatic loading unwinder, 3 Servo motor control rewinding system, Max rewinding diameter 800mm,Siemens PLC Touch Screen automatic tension control system

Model RS-SL700 RS-SL900
Max. Width of roll material 700mm 900mm
Max. Diameter of roll material 1000mm 1000m
Max. Diameter of rewinding roll 600mm 600mm
Min. Width of slitting 10mm 10mm
Slitting Speed 0-200m/min 0-200m/min
Total Power 6kw 6kw
Overall dimension ( L x W x H mm) 2200x1800x1400 2200×2000
Weight 2000kg 2200kg

2) Color Straw Paper Flexo Printing Machine

Feature :
1. Adopt the anilox rollers to spread ink.
2. Unwinding and rewinding are controlled by magnetism power brake, clutch.
3. Printing unit adopt 360º for registration.
4. Each Printing unit has one infrared to dry the device group.
5. The rubber roller can break away from automatically while parking, and be running at a low speed, in order to avoid water being dried.
6. The main motor is adopted the step less regulation of frequency conversion.

Model RS-fp480 RS-fp650
Printing speed 80m/min 80m/min
Printing color 2colors 2colors
Max. Web width 480mm 650mm
Max. Printing width 460mm 630mm
Max. Unwinding   diameter 600mm 1000mm
Max. Rewinding   diameter 600mm 1000mm
Printing girth 175-380mm 175-380mm
Precision of   registration ±0.10mm ±0.10mm
Dimensions 2100x1300x2500(mm) 4000x1600x2
Machine weight About 2600kg About 3500kg

3) Multi-knife System Online Cutting Paper Straw Machine

The machine is used for produce paper straw
Feature :
1. Adopt human-machine operation interface, more convenient for operation;
2. T Bar Paper reeling stand, Slitting rolls are easily placed into reel stand
3. Choose Single or double glue coating unit
4. Spiral winding part, specialized operation system, Belt tension device (hand-wheel drove)
5. Multi-knife System in-line cutting unit controlled by encoder .,cutting final paper tube directly , Servo motor control cutting system。
6. Option device: Full stainless steel or aluminum alloy body

Model RS-500
Inner Diameter 5-10mm
Roll Of Paper 2-3 Plies
Thickness 0.25-1mm
Cutting Length 100-820mm
Hub Wheel Two Head
Way Of Fixing Shaft Clamp
Production speed 10-45m/Min (20-30 degree summer  20-45m/min , 0-10 degree Winter 10-25m/min )
Way Of Cutting Circular Cutting Blade
Way Of Gluing Single / Double Side
Type Of Paper Reel Stand T-bar
Blade 5 Groups
Paper Reel Stand 6 Plies T-bar l Paper Reel Stand
Glue System 3 plies independent glue tank
Main Motor 1.5kwx2 CHINA XINLING
Inverter 3.7kw  CHINA RIHONG
Servo Motor 0.85kw JAPAN YASKAWA

4): High-Speed Individual Drinking Straw Paper Packing Machine

The RS-SSDF machine is a kind of equipment that can pack the single drinking straw with pa.per With a complete set of Italian technology, the machine is highly automatic, and has high packing speed. Also, it can make delicate printing on wrapping paper
1.Single packing. Filling, packaging in one operation.
2. None, single, double color, multi-color printing can be chosen.
3.Automatic counting. In favor of secondary packaging.
4. The packing speed is adjustable.

Model RS-500
Capacity 600-700   pcs/min(straight), 400 pcs/min (Printed Material )
Packing Size Diameter. 5-13mm, Length 130-270mm
Sealing   Molds&gears 1 set
Main Driving Motor 0.75kw, 3p, 380V, 50HZ
Wrapping Material 27-55mm width Paper
Functions Automatic counter, quantity pre-set,
Optional Part Single, double color printing unit
Weight 300 kgs
Machine Dimension 1.6×1.65×1.4m

3. What safety certificate you need to ask your supplier to provide?

Because paper straw is used in Coffee shop, restaurant, milk tea shop. It’s very important to have an FDA certificate. But what else certificate you should need when you searching an professional paper straws factory in China. When you import gold straws, EU, LFGB, FSC is necessary for you to consider to choose the paper drinking straws supplier.

4. How to find the right stainless steel straw supplier or bamboo straws factory from China?

You could check the article as below.  Anyway SUKEAUTO is the professional stainless steel straws factory.

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